Tim Davis

Tim Davis, Gold Flecked Web

There’s something irresistibly compelling in these photographs. There are some hints of arrangement–note the array of digital cameras all displaying the “same” view, and the haircuts–but on the whole one can only marvel at what Davis finds. His photographs heighten the visual impact of his subject matter; he’s got a keen, and what I used to think was merely acerbic, eye for anachronism, a sense which is perfectly suited for this series now up in NYC called “The New Antiquity.” The series represents the very modern and insightful Davis at work, finding both willed and unintentional examples of age and the ancient in cities from the U.S. to Europe and Asia. It’s so apt a subject for Davis that the irony, verging on cynicism, of much of his earlier work seems to have dissolved in the face of irrefutable, undeniable, non-Photoshopped asychronous anomaly. The show is up until October 24. I wish I could see it in person. I can hardly wait for the book.

Slideshow of Tim Davis’ “The New Antiquity” courtesy of Greenberg Van Doren Gallery

Tim Davis, Angel Armor

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