fictographica004: Carter Cox

Hearing the Borkhardt Group’s account director clear her throat for the third time, you sigh and select a ring-flash to gently flood the girl’s upturned face with what you consider to be a softer, more glamorous light. You recall from almost three decades ago your mother’s sage advice: “If you pictures aren’t interesting enough, honey, then chances are you’re not close enough.” You raise high the ring-flash and lean forward. But your move leads to louder throat-clearing. You lower the Hasselblad, pinch your nose, and for several seconds pretend to examine the dead grass. The skin of your cheekbones tightens as you feel yourself teeter between embarrassment and anger. Still kneeling, your hooded sweater damp with sweat, you swivel your head and lock eyes with the Borkhardt woman, who stares back at you with a mirthless smile, unblinking, her hands clasped just below her vested bosom, as if entranced by your ineptitude. “More sheen,” she commands, albeit quietly, in a raspy voice, directing your yawning assistant to spritz the model’s face and shoulders with a plastic water-bottle that appears out of nowhere. “More sheen, less sweetness. This isn’t a portrait–it’s an attitude. And do you mind if we kill the Caruso?”
Hungry Ghost

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