I’m expanding my base of operations from Minnesota to Massachusetts. Not that it matters much in the virtual world of blogs, but it’s of interest that I’m physically spending quite a bit of time in the East these days. In May I started a new job, as the program manager and curator of the Photographic Resource Center at Boston University (PRC), a 35-year-old organization started by Chris Enos, Carl Chiarenza, A. D. Coleman, and others to serve the burgeoning photography community of Boston and the New England states (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut for those of you whose geography has gotten a bit weak).

It’s great that I’m in the midst of dozens, if not scores or hundreds, of venues interested in photography; it’s almost overwhelming to consider how many photographic artists of note are close at hand. I used to measure the neighborhood of MCP with a 525-mile radius circle around Northeast Minneapolis. That measured how far I’d driven in a day. Here, a same-sized circle extends downshore past Nag’s Head into North Carolina, upcoast past Maine and New Brunswick to Nova Scotia, and inland to Pittsburgh, Youngstown, and London (Ontario). Not quite to Indianapolis, where my Minnesota-centric circle reached; the two circles don’t quite touch.

Since that circle encompasses New York City (among other places), I’ve got to recalibrate and downsize my appetite and my scope. One thing I’m taking care of, and hoping to invigorate as a space for dialogue and commentary, is the PRC’s blog. Check it out via the link below.

Boston Photography Focus (PRC blog)

I look forward to getting oriented in the new space.

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  1. Hi George: Saw your posts on the PRC blog this week – love that you're behind the wheel there.. Best wishes for a smooth transition in Boston, sounds like a great new adventure. Cheers!

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