Catching Up

Can a month go by without a new posting here? Almost. Happened last September–no news posts here all month. But please remember that I’m also providing content on the PRC blog, Boston Photography Focus, and I’ve even tagged it as “re:photographica” there. Almost like an extension of this, isn’t it?

One thing pushing me to post is a small collection of open tabs on my Firefox window. It used to be three or four sites or articles I wanted to make mention of, before releasing them to the void again. But now the group has dwindled down, attrition has taken its toll over the last week or two. (Yes, I probably should shut down my computer now and then. Especially when they tell me to on airplanes–anything with an on-off switch, and definitely no wi-fi below 10,000 feet–am I just tempting fate?)

I’m left with Charles Harbutt, writing for Visura magazine on-line (link). And Charlie’s piece, titled “The Unconcerned Photographer,” was originally delivered as a speech. In 1970.

Whoa. I’m an anachronism.

Gotta run and catch a train to Guilford. More later.

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