FotoFest 2012 | Chapter I: Saturday Morning

The toothy ones

  • Sonya Naumann – – come to Minneapolis, Sonya! Bring the dress!
  • Jeff Burk – subtle, astute work about the built environment – Quiet Places Blurb book
  • Erika Diettes – chronicler of Columbian atrocity and witness, carrying the messages of the disappeared to the world at large – installations utilizing images on large-scale transparencies and printed on translucent fabric – saw her work Drifting Away here in Houston during FF08 Meeting Place – most recent work-in-progress encasing artifacts of the disappeared in clear, flesh-like rectangles – haunting and emotionally wrenching link
  • Blake Gordon – urban nomad, exploring spaces at night with an animal sense of exposure and survival – panoramas that are about finding safe paths through the city (Austin, in this case) and thereby seeing a city from new perspectives link
  • Ferit Kuyas – visual diarist – Swiss Turk, forming a reflexive five-part artist book addressing degrees of presence, from classic b+w landscape to scanned objects  link images from his Archetypes series form the first book of the series

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