FotoFest 2012 | Chapter II: Saturday Afternoon

Photo by Gennady Meergus

Hit a wall. 

Was feeling under the weather all afternoon, and ended up retiring to my room for sleep and solitude following the afternoon session. My apologies to Gennady, Peter, Sarah, Toni, Phillip, David, and Diane, as I was not operating at 100%. Had to stretch out on the review room floor at one point. We are sensitive instruments, we humans.

Dyspepsia notwithstanding, I was particularly taken by two presentations. 

  • Sarah Martin – a nouveau indie book maker a la Andrea Stultiens – utilizing other people’s archival pictures plus personal experience and photographic observations to fashion a narrative portrait in print – in this case, an eccentric, socially awkward scion  link (Sarah has another series, “You Are What You Love,” that I’ve admired in past reviews; it’s on her web site)
  • Diane Meyer – embroidery as subversive intervention? – colored thread becomes pixels in selected areas of both personal photographs and family album pictures – ingenious transformation of light into texture – many good, worthwhile questions of scale and representation  link

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