Submissions to Civil Eyes Project

Out of respect for public health guidelines around the Covid-19 pandemic, the Minnesota State Fair isn't happening this year. 

The Miracle of Birth Center, the Grandstand, and the Food Building will be lifeless. Grass will grow untrampled. The Kidway and Mighty Midway will be rideless; no riders either. Ye Old Mill and the river rafts won't flow. The Space Tower, bungee catapult, and Sky Glider are grounded. And those animal buildings--all quiet and clean.

But with your help and the miracle of digital imagery the crowds will still gather.

The experiences of mingling with masses of Minnesotans amid an infinite range of foods, activities, animals, and entertainment during twelve days at the end of summer have always been essential to the Fair. Walking America's grandest fairground is a unique, democratic spectacle. 

Your pictures will keep the Great Minnesota Get-Together alive in 2020! 

Photographs by amateurs and professionals capture the energy of human encounters. Snapshots capture the moment by moment discoveries that make the Fair so amazing.

For $25--the price of admission, a corn dog (or Pronto Pup if you prefer), a tub of Sweet Martha's cookies, and a bottomless cup of milk--your photographs will join the Virtual 2020 State Fair. All submissions (PG-13 rated and consistent with the theme of pedestrian encounters) will become part of the crowd.

Submit Now! 

Images will be posted as they arrive, and will appear in public presentations as August 27--what would have been Opening Day of the 2020 Fair--approaches. Look for special events during the days before Labor Day.

Please send your pictures before midnight on August 18.